Terms & Conditions

  1. All terms and conditions set forth herein are subject to review as the company deems necessary.
  2. Promotion or demotion at any level is performance - driven and at the discretion of the management.
  3. All weekly or periodic meetings and strategy / coaching sessions whether on short or long notice scheduled by the company are compulsory for all partners.
  4. All partners shall consult their S.O.Ps for guide on how to conduct their business with Lifepage Group.
  5. All entitlements in cash or in kind are subject to continued loyalty and commitment.
  6. No entitlements in cash in cash or in kind shall be paid directly to any third party bank accounts.
  7. All commissions are paid every Thursday provided the customers have paid, filled, and submitted relevant forms.
  8. Note that all commissions will attract 5% withholding tax.
  9. All fund transfers to individual accounts other than Zenith Bank PLC shall attract a flat charge of ₦105.
  10. THe company shall not be laible for any cash transactions between any partner and a customer. The company maintains zero tolerance to cash transactions. Only cheques, bank drafts, transfers, and payments received into the various designated bank accounts will get acknowledgement.
  11. Critical responsibilities of partners include but are not limited to prospecting, recruiting, site inspection, follow - up, and closing sales.
  12. The company also reserves the right to terminate a partners membership if found in any dishonest activities that contravenes the values of this company.
  13. All partners must serve their clients reminders for their monthly instalments (where applicable).
  14. All partners must have a valid and functional email address.
  15. This business club was not established to promote the employees' mind-set, rather it is designed to unleash the spirit of entrepreneurship. Hence only responsible minds have a place within the system.